SEO Packages

Search Engine Optimization Packages from SEO Experts

All of our SEO services are customized to fit your exact needs. The following SEO pricing is representative of typical SEO packages.

    SEO Packages
    Time Period
    Initial Website Analysis
    No. of Keywords/ Phrases
    Website Analysis
    Back Link Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
    Competitors traffic research
    Keyword Analysis
    Website structure anlysis
    Duplicate Content Check
    Google Penalty Check
    Spam link analysis
    On-Page Optimization
    Microdata & Schema
    Canonical issue
    Canonical URL optimization
    Meta Tag Optimization
    Broken Link Check
    Alt Tag Optimization
    HTML Optimization
    Create and submit XML sitemap
    Content Optimization
    Modify robots.txt file
    Analytics and Webmaster setup
    Fetch all landing pages URL in webmaster
    Optimize page header tags
    Google Authorship Claim
    Structured Data Implementation
    Internal Linking & Anchor Text Optimization
    Content Marketing
    Article Writing
    Press Release Submission
    Blog Posting
    Power Point Presentation
    Local Optimization
    Google and Bing Local Listing
    Google+ Local Page Set-up
    Classified Submission
    Google places listing and also integrate it with G+
    Genuine Review Posting
    Advance Off-page and Promotional Activities
    High PR Links Creation
    Social Profile creation
    Increased followers, likes and voters
    Increased content visitors and subscribers
    Social Bookmarking in PR 4+ websites
    Search Engine Submissions and pinging
    Promote the infographic
    Create customized external blogs
    Review posting in top websites
    Free Website creation
    Web2.0 Submissions
    Extract and submit competitor back links profile
    Social Marketing
    Social Bookmarking
    Social Sharing
    Web 2.0 Profile Creation
    Image Promotion & Submission
    Video Marketing & Submission
    SEO Report
    Weekly Progress Report
    Analytics Progress Report
    20 Keywords
    6 Months
    20 Keywords
    50 Keywords
    6 Months
    50 Keywords
    80 Keywords
    6 Months
    80 Keywords
    120 Keywords
    6 Months
    120 Keywords

* All prices are in USD

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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long it will be before I should expect results from SEO?

Typically, the answer varies based on the age of the website. Investing in SEO means a long term investment. Once SEO tactics have been implemented it becomes a fundamental way to generate leads, which are the life for your business. There are two kinds of search results available in Internet Marketing: PPC (Pay per Click) the other being Organic Search results. Unlike Purchase advertising (PPC) the ROI from the organic search results may not be achieved immediately. In most cases we are able are able to achieve measurable gains through the organic search traffic between 2 to 4 months, although the targets defined are actually reached in 8 to 12 months.

2.  Can you guarantee Top SEO results?

An honest answer to this question is "No". According to Google any organization that assures for a Top ranking in the search engine violates the guidelines as it clearly states that no agency can guarantee the top rank on the SERPs. However, other kinds of guarantees like Return on Investment (ROI) can be given to the clients.

3.  Once I sign up, what does the process for getting started look like?

Once we start with the SEO process for your website, all you need to do is to make a Payment, Gather all information that is needed for the work done and Conduct meetings with the project manager for deciding the goals and objectives of the whole process.

4.  What on-page & off-page activities will be done for my project?

Our on page and off page strategies are as follows:

  • On-page SEO tactics include verifying the following:
    • Website Load Time,
    • The Page Size,
    • Broken link,
    • HTML Error Check,
    • Duplicate Content,
    • Title & Meta Tag Optimization,
    • Header Tag Optimization,
    • Image Alt Tag Optimization,
    • Robots.txt Creation,
    • Sitemap.xml Creation,
    • Canonical Issue check,
    • Content optimization,
    • New Content Creation( if required),
    • URL Mapping,
    • Google Webmaster tool setup,
    • Google Analytics setup,
    • Error Page Creation if required and many more aspects.
  • Off-page SEO actions are a series of actions conducted outside the promoted web page with the objective to systematically increase its positions in search results rank for selected keyword phrases. We strongly encourage the use of ethical SEO tactics. The main off page activities include:

    • Business Directory Submission,
    • Social Bookmarking/ Networking,
    • Competitor Analysis & Link-building
    • Local Business Listing
    • Business Profile Creation
    • Blog Posting,
    • Article Submission,
    • Press Release,
    • Question & Answer Participation
    • Forum Posting etc.

5.  Should I go for organic SEO instead of PPC?

The profits of each should be weighed out to find out the best solution for each organization. Organic SEO serves Long term results and is cost effective. Organic SEO not only gives boosts up your rankings but are easy to plan and budget for. Around 85% of the user clicks are from organic search.

In case, you want to scale up your customers fast and also have ample funds you should go for PPC. It would be a 4-6 month process.

6.  How the progress will be measured?

A project´s success is measured by SEO´s processes that are being implemented in it. The profit earned from referral traffic and branding in dollars and cents should be produced from organic search. The basic aim to implement SEO is to produce steady growth in traffic from the organic search results in search engines i.e. neither paid nor referral traffic

7.  Is your SEO process white Hat?

Yes, our organization assures that through pure white hat SEO techniques the best results/rankings can be achieved. We specifically target on human audience strictly following the search engine rules and policies. White hat SEO techniques comprise of placing proper keyword at proper position, using descriptive keyword-rich Meta tags, improving the link quality for popularity, writing quality content for human readers and making your site easy to navigate etc. All this is done to improve the search performance.

8.  What is the difference between local and organic SEO?

  • Local SEO refers to a small business that operates on one location. It refers to the process of optimizing your business online local listings so that these can be found via searches localized by search results.
  • Organic SEO is a method that is often used by large companies or businesses that are targeting everyone who use the Internet. Your website is optimized so that it can be found for relevant search queries, which do not prompt at localized results.

9.  How many hours of work will be done on my project on a monthly basis?

The monthly work totally depends on the keyword competition. The more the keyword is competitive the more efforts are required to bring them in ranking. Approximately 60 hours will be given per month, but in case more attention and fast results are expected by the client, we are flexible in increasing the time span.

10.  What is your content strategy for my project?

We diligently follow a Content Strategy and assure the clients that maximum benefits can be reaped. Click here for a detailed review on Content Strategy.

11.  Quantitatively, how do I know SEO is working?

The performance can be measured by various tracking tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmasters. You may check corresponding rankings of the websites can be tracked manually or through automated tools.

12.  Can I manage the SEO work myself?

If you have the Time, Know how and Tools then you can execute the SEO process for your website and bring the rankings in the top results.