Use Discovery Ads to Connect with New, Qualified Customers

86% of online consumers say they’re on the lookout for shopping ideas as they watch videos or explore content across the web. With Discovery ads, you can connect with up to 2.9 billion people as they browse their favorite Google feeds—whether they’re watching videos on YouTube, scrolling through Discover, or checking new offers in Gmail—all with a single, easy-to-use campaign.

Follow these best practices to set up your Discovery Ads campaigns for success:

  • Start with audiences that currently drive performance in your account. Focus on existing customers, people who have already visited your website, and people similar to your customer base. For example, you can start with custom intent and in-market audiences. Remember to keep audience expansion enabled to maximize your reach to new audiences who are likely to convert.
  • Wait until the campaign has at least 40 conversions before making any changes. Since Discovery campaigns perform better with more data, we also recommend setting a daily budget at least 10 times your target cost-per-action.
  • Use the single-image and multi-image carousel options with both square and landscape images. Discovery campaigns automatically select the best-performing assets, so it’s important to include several image options to drive performance. Download the creative asset guide for details on how to build visually inspiring ads.

Need help managing your Discovery ads in order to reach more potential customers and grow online sales for your business, give us a call — we’re here to help!


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Tips to Generate High-Quality Leads

People are searching for new information and ways to manage their lives. In fact, a recent Google/Ipsos survey showed 32 percent of U.S. consumers shopped online with a brand they hadn’t before the pandemic. This shift in demand has created opportunities for businesses to find new customers and grow.

Below are some effective ways you can drive high-quality leads and connect with people who are most likely to buy your products or services:

  • Uncover opportunities by using optimization score and Performance Planner. Use automated tools to make bid and budget changes based on shifts in customer demand.
  • Include the optional “Visit website” link in your call ads. This option makes it easier for people to learn more about your business before calling you and can help you drive higher-quality calls.
Call ad featuring an optional “Visit website” link
  • Add lead form extensions. People can tap your ad and easily share information with you right as they’re searching for what they need—even before visiting your site.

Resources to help you generate quality leads

Businesses now have to be better at both generating and managing their leads. Google is sharing a collection of lead generation resources on their Advertising Solutions Center. There, you’ll hear more about the latest updates and learn from other businesses who made the shift to digital.

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Connect With Your Existing Customers And Get New Business

When people visit your website or stop by your store, you have an opportunity to understand what they’re looking for and how your business can help. With Customer Match, you can use first-party data to engage with these customers and people like them—all in a user and data privacy-safe way. To learn how you can ensure user privacy within your marketing, download The marketer’s playbook.

Below are some best practices to help you make the most out of your data using Customer Match:

  • Keep list segmentation broad and enable Smart Bidding. Smart Bidding will automatically take Customer Match lists into consideration when making bid decisions, so you don’t need to over-segment your lists.
  • Use your match rate to help diagnose if you have any data formatting issues. Match rate is the percentage of your upload that was able to be matched to Google users, so the bigger the list size the better.
Google Customer Match
  • Use similar audiences with Customer Match as a prospecting strategy. Similar audiences can use your Customer Match lists to find people who share similar characteristics, behaviors, and interests.
  • Save time by using a verified Customer Match upload partner. For example, use the Zapier integration to automatically upload and refresh your customer lists. You can also add information to your lists like alternate email addresses, which can increase match rates and list size.

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