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Surviving Google’s ‘Mobile-geddon’

  Apr-26-2015           Google, Web Design  0 Comments.

Started 21st April 2015, Google is favoring Web pages that are mobile-friendly in its search results, a tweak of its search engine algorithm that had the tech press reeling over the fact that pages from popular sites like Wikipedia, companies like Microsoft and news outlets like the BBC did not pass Google’s test.   The update shows Mountain View’s strong commitment to mobile.   “When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results, […]

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Yahoo reportedly prepping a new app to compete with Google Now

  Apr-26-2015           Google, Yahoo  0 Comments.

Yahoo may be behind in the search game, but it could be looking to compete with the likes of Google and Microsoft when it comes to creating a personalized search tool. On an earnings call yesterday, CEO (and former Google executive) Marissa Mayer said that Yahoo was “particularly interested in search in the mobile sector, what happens when you involve context,” and it’s apparently focusing attention on “what happens when you involve personal information, from things like email.” Today, Business […]

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Google Voice vs. Skype: The cheapest way to make overseas calls from the US

  Apr-26-2015           Google  0 Comments.

In which we pit the two heavyweights, Google Voice and Skype, against each other. And though Skype is known for its cheap phone calls, it’s really Google Voice that has the best rates. There are still reasons to keep a calling card or credit around. The other night I kept trying to Skype a good friend in Beijing but the call kept dropping. (Gasp! The internet not perfect!) Irritated, I finally asked for her cell, whipped out my calling credit, […]

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